Gender Neutral Toilets. Is That Such a Big Issue? December 2014

Gender Neutral

We have now released December’s edition of The Hullfire online, which can only mean one thing: the print edition of February’s The Hullfire are now stocking the shelves. And by shelves, we mean boxes in the entrance of the Union, upstairs in the Union in the Membership Services Area, by the lifts in the Brynmor Jones Library, and in the foyer of the Business School.

December’s edition revealed plans to unveil gender-neutral toilets in the Wilberforce building, the release of the AU Naked Calendar, information of the marking boycott, as well as some Christmas frolics and gift ideas. Yes, these seem a bit out-dated now summer is finally approaching, but you should have read it when it was released, shouldn’t you?

If you didn’t get a chance to pick the December issue up, click on the link below and have a flick through. Don’t forget that all editions of The Hullfire will be released as PDFs online when the following issue is released in print.

December 2014 actual

December promo2

Nathan Thompson

Deputy Editor of The Hullfire. Chair of Hullfire Media.

Edd Jefferson

Editor of The Hullfire, 2014/15.

Alistair Skewes

Charlie Prothero

Sian James

Violet-Finn Blackstaffe

Ciara Hanstock

Tim Barrass

Miriam Gohar

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