A New Addition to the Athletic Union


Hull University has another team added to their athletic union (AU), and understandably they’re keen to make a name for themselves. With this in mind, new comers Dance agreed to let us in on their ambitions, to help them amplify their stature at the University.
When asked to describe HUDS in one word, president Chiedza beamed “growing”, clearly proud of her efforts so far in propelling Dance from a society to part of the AU. And it’s not just in university status, but genres, as they boast five different genres each with three separate experience levels, with other diverse styles making appearances in their shows.
The most recent show, of which the girls seemed desperate to promote, is at Winfred Holtby Academy on December the 12th. The theme is night at the movies, with dances representing popular films such as Karate Kid. Third year member Rochelle said she is hoping the event will be “fun” first and foremost, and that “people spectating will be able to interact thinking, ok, that is from that particular film”.
Now Dance Society are now part of the AU, they are keen to get involved with charity events both held by the University and off their own back. Enthusiastic to get involved with Raising and Giving (RAG) week at the University, they plan to re-enact the film Mean Girls by wearing pink on Wednesdays, raising money (quite aptly considering the colour) for Breast Cancer UK. Moreover, the funds generated from their December dance show is going to Cancer Research, a charity close to numerous members within the society.
Most impressive within their development as a group though is their interaction with the national dance competitions, now, Hull will be hosting its first inter-university competition at the City Hall. This occasion requires immense effort to plan venues, competitors and most importantly judges. Chiedza explains that “we already have two judges, one of which was in the Serbian Ballet and another is the owner of Studio 68”, whilst fellow third year member Kat mentioned that “Sheffield, Edinburgh and Newcastle Universities are already coming”. The show, taking place on February the 13th, is already set to be action packed with more names likely to be added as the date nears.
On reflection, growing is certainly an appropriate description of HUDS, once a small society, now even helping Hull put itself on the map in dance across national universities. When asked about their overall goals for the year, Chiedza said “the aim is to get it started for there to be something for the next year to carry on; something to look back on”. A surprisingly humble answer considering how the group is has developed so quickly.

By Gerry Smith

Steph Mantle

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